React Hooks

One of the most popular Javascript libraries is ReactJs, which Facebook has developed. It is an open-source project used by developers very frequently because of its developer-friendly and easy-to-understand features.

To cope with the ongoing demand of ReactJs, the developer’s community of this library has been upgrading this library frequently to make it more usable and performance-friendly. In React Conf 2018, a significant change has been introduced to this library called hooks and available from React V16.8.0. In short, it has changed the way of developing applications with ReactJs on a big scale. …

This is an article that consist of a simple introduction to Redux from a React application perspective for beginners. It is also useful for a person to rejuvenate their understanding of the Basic Redux ideas. But, there will not be any code example as we are gonna discuss the theories of basic redux.

This article consist of some parts listed below:

1. What is Redux?

2. Why should we use Redux?

How Redux works?

Redux is a javascript library that is used for managing states. It is nowadays, one of the most common and popular packages when the application is running with ReactJs…

Arnab Dhar

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